The 15 Shortest Marriages In Rock ‘n’ Roll History

Love and marriage, love and marriage, they go together like…well, definitely not rock and roll! Showbiz in general isn’t a very hospitable place for stable romantic relationships, but the life of an arena-packing musician seems to hold particular hazards ready to divide even the strongest unions. The constant travel and time apart, seemingly non-stop party, and untold number of groupies all could spell divorce…oh, and also paternity suits.

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA on September 8, 1994. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect)

  • Julia Roberts

  • Katy Perry

  • J-Lo

  • R. Kelly

  • Kenny Chesney

  • Janet Jackson

  • Pamela Anderson Kid Rock

  • The-Dream

  • Jana Kramer The Wonders

  • Axl Rose

  • Sinead O’Connor

  • Gregg Allman Cher

  • Michelle Phillips

  • Britney Spears

While some musical marriages were long players, many more were mere flashes of pyrotechnics on the great stage of life. While most marriages can be measured in years (if not a lifetime), we’ve found a bunch that can only be measured by months, days and sometimes even hours (sorry, Britney Spears!)¬†Some of these splits totally broke our hearts (Katy¬†Perry and Russell Brand, noooo!), while others were probably for the best. Head up to the gallery above and count down the 15 shortest rock star marriages of all time!

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