The Five Ways Girlfriends Can Be Referenced In A John Mayer Song

John Mayer’s new album Paradise Valley features a duet with girlfriend Katy Perry, which sort of eliminates the question of whether or not he’ll reference her in one of his songs after the fact–or does it? Mayer himself has said that all songwriting comes from relationships, and with his stable of high-profile exes and current loves, it’s become an unofficial guessing game as to who has inspired each track. Sound familiar?

From songs written in the throes of passion to pseudo-scientific analyses of underlying familial issues, Mayer has a different way of writing about the women in his life based on his relationship du jour. While all appears to be well with KP right now, behold the ways in which she could end up being referred to by a future Mayer tune (if she hasn’t already).

Lovingly, with extra attention paid to physical features: “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” Room For Squares (2001)

And ode to the delicious lines and curves that make space beneath the sheets all warm and fuzzy. Famously thought to be about one-time Mayer lady love, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the singer told the VH1 Storytellers audience that the inspiration for the track came from the first girlfriend he had when he was 14 years old. (We’re sure she had a great personality, too.)

Key lyric: “One mile to every inch of/Your skin like porcelain/One pair of candy lips and/Your bubblegum tongue”

Lovingly, with regret: “Daughters,” Heavier Things (2003)

Mayer also spoke about his Grammy Award-winning song on Storytellers, as well as the woman who inspired it (and to a larger degree The Real World and gender roles). Maybe he loved this girl, and maybe they were great together, but she’s just too much of a mess for him to handle right now.

Key lyric: “But she’s just like a maze/Where all of the walls all continually change/And I’ve done all I can/To stand on/her steps with my heart in my hands/Now I’m starting to see/Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me”

With optimistic remorse: “Shadow Days,” Born and Raised (2012)

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