Watch Miley Cyrus’ Secret VMA Strategy Session With Britney Spears In The Trailer For Miley: The Movement

“I’m nervous as a motherf*cker, I’m not gonna lie…”

Those were the words coming out of Miley Cyrus’ mouth as she walked out on stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards, and with the benefit of hindsight, she had every right to be. Her turnt up, twerked out VMA performance alongside horndog Robin Thicke caused one of the biggest eruptions since Mt. Vesuvius took out Pompeii, placing her directly in the line of fire of the Parents Television Council, her (now ex-) fiance, and even the inventor of the foam finger!

Well, in MTV’s upcoming documentary Miley: The Movement, we finally get to hear Miley’s side of the story. In the film, which premieres on October 2, we’ll see Milers strategize with Britney Spears about her VMA performance (“Everyone takes the VMAs so seriously, I just wanna come out and shoot a hot dog gun!”), how she hoped her performance would be received (“You’re always gonna make people talk, you might as well make them talk for, like, two weeks instead of two seconds”), and much, much more.