The 25 Coolest Rock Star Shoes Of 2013

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In the immortal words of that viral video from a few years ago, “OMG, shoes!” We here at VH1 spend a lot of time talk about celebrity clothes (or lack thereof), but we never seem to give enough love to famous footwear. Well, that’s about to change right now as we take a look back at the coolest rock star shoes of 2013!

From towering thigh-high numbers to barely there sandals, the lovely ladies of Hollywood wear shoes that are unique, elegant, and make a statement -and that statement is usually “It really hurts to stand right now.” Some of these boots definitely aren’t made for walking, that’s for sure! In the past, Lady Gaga was the queen of the insane footwear (who could forget her mind-blowing “anti-heals”), and earlier this year we were sure that Rihanna would snag the crown. But many ladies stepped up their shoe game in recent months, making it impossible for us to choose just one. Even a few dudes, not usually known for their footwear prowess, through their sneakers in the ring. Remember Kanye West’s one-of-a-kind collaboration with Nike?

Head up to the gallery above and check out 25 of the ultimate shoes for your fantasy closet. Enjoy!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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