Insane Ink: The Most Outrageous Rock Star Tattoos Of 2013

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2013 was a big year for getting inked, because it seems like rock stars of every stripe stopped by the tattoo parlor for some brand new body art. Perhaps they were inspired by our very own Black Ink Crew? You never know…

While there were an incalculable number of small hearts, flowers, stars and all that good stuff, several of examples of bod-mod are etched in our minds for all time (yes, like a tattoo). These daring celebs decided to go the alt-route with some pretty questionable tattoo choices. Case in point: Lil Wayne, who got the word “Baked” tattooed on his forehead, and Sinead O’Connor, who got the cryptic initials “B” and “Q” done on both of her cheeks. Diddy got the logo of his favorite magazine on his arm, and English rose Cheryl Cole got an entire rose garden tattooed on her butt!

We’re sure all of these things have special meanings to all these folks, but sometimes we wonder whether or not all that pain is worth the gain. Is it just us? Decide for yourself! We’ve collected the most outrageous rock star tattoos from the last year. Go check ’em out in the gallery above! Would you tattoo your grandma’s face on your forearm? We’re not so sure we would. Does that make us bad grandkids…?

[Photo: Instagram/Getty Images]

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