Battle Of The Babies: Blue Ivy Carter And North West Face Off

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In the last two years no children have captured our attention quite like Blue Ivy Carter and North West. As the products of two pairs of adored celebrities, each of these little ones was celebrated, gossiped about and analyzed before she emerged from the womb. What will the name be? Who are the godparents? What kind of fashion is she rocking in the maternity ward? The speculation was endless. Now that they’re here, it’s difficult to deny that their young lives are already a lot more fabulous than our own.

There are plenty of powerful celeb spawn learning to crawl, talk and eat solid foods as we type, but none are as high-profile as BIC and Nori. These two are also family friends, likely spending many future holidays and birthdays together until they’ve each eclipsed their parents fame–or managed to escape to one of the family’s many Illuminati hideaways. In the world of celebrity babies with ostentatious swag, who is living her best life right now? I’ve tasked myself with comparing the living arrangements and loved ones of each famous baby, ultimately declaring a winner. It’s the battle of the babies, and there can only be one…

Whose Life Is More Fabulous?

If you need help determining which tot is living her best life, read on for our takes on their luxurious infancy.


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Blue’s mother is arguably the most powerful woman in music right now, if not ever. You may have heard about the fifth solo album she released without advance warning, or are still reeling from seeing her live in concert last year. From “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” to Pepsi commercials, Beyonce has rid herself of her girl group past (though maybe not of Girls Tyme) and should never be described as simply “Jay Z’s wife.” With 17 Grammy Awards, 118 million albums sold and an array of side hustles, she’s achieved intense ubiquity and forged such a seemingly perfect life (she’s friends with the Obamas!), you’d be surprised at how much knowledge your parents can drop about Bey themselves. Her other half, also known as part-time rapper and part-time agent Shawn Carter, is one of the most influential hip-hop artists who parlayed his musical success into a number of business ventures. Most recently, Jay Z has become a sports agent, which means athletes like Robinson Cano are rocking Blue to sleep after giving her swing some pointers.  In short: Bey and Jay are called the King and Queen for a reason.

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Kanye West has already eclipsed his former mentor in terms of creativity, but his unpredictable persona makes him more divisive among the general public. While Jay Z is singing about the greatness of New York City and shilling for Samsung, Kanye is the guy who put boobs on his album cover and compared himself to Jesus. His fiance, Kim Kardashian, rose to prominence from a reality show by way of a sex tape, and is one of the most photographed women in the world. Her family signed their lives over the E! network, and her face is plastered on every tabloid imaginable causing many recycled arguments about her unmerited notoriety. Both Kim and Kanye are extremely well-connected and will undoubtedly give North everything she needs… they’re just a lot more controversial than America’s Sweethearts.

Winner: Blue Ivy Carter

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Blue Ivy has been spotted backstage clothed in Watch The Throne apparel, with Jordans that match her dad’s collection. Her shoe game is already fierce, with Doc Maartens, Timberland and Tom Ford designs littering her closet. Ruthie Davis also created a custom-made $800 sneaker for BIC that’s covered in Swavorski crystals. Those will pair nicely with the personalized leather jacket she’s rocking above, proudly letting all those on the playground know where she’s from.

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Proud mom and label enthusiast Kim K has kept Instagram followers up to date on all of the couture designers hoping to outfit her firstborn. In the last few months she’s received complimentary threads with handwritten well wishes from the likes of Hermes, Charlotte Olympia, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Lanvin, Alexander Wang, Celine, Giuseppe and Maison Martin Margiela (above). Now that little Nori has her very own white lab coat, we expect her to hop on Yeezy’s “N**gas in Paris” verse at his next live show.

Winner: North West

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Famous Friends & Family

Blue Ivy has a stylish aunt in Solange and a designer/overall goddess of a grandmother in Tina Knowles to help ensure she grows up looking and feeling her best. The Knowles family has not been immune to publicized struggles in the past (hi, Matthew!), but their dirty laundry is kept a lot closer to the vest than a family with its own reality show. With former Destiny’s Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams considered Bey’s adopted sisters, Blue is likely to grow up in a household full of great shoes and a strong sense of feminine power.

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North is the latest addition to the always-growing Kardashian Klan. She joins Mason and Penelope Disick as a grandchild of Kris Jenner, meaning she runs the risk of being pushed into public eye all too quickly by a relentless momager who can rarely see beyond a paycheck. Between Kim’s friends (La La Anthony, Jonathan Cheban) and Kanye’s posse (Hov, John Legend, Aziz Ansari, David Blaine) it’s likely North will grow up Hollywood, with access to any industry she might think she wants to pursue. Which means she’ll be snatching up the internships your precious little one will work so hard to get on his or her own merit.

Winner: Blue Ivy Carter, who has fewer cameras to avoid on the daily.
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Media Exposure

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Blue Ivy is already a bona fide recording artist, appearing on “Glory” by her pops (and being credited as B.I.C.) at only a few hours old and later Beyonce’s “Blue.” She gets a shout-out in “Picasso Baby” with Jay advising her to “lean on” the Yellow Basquiat he keeps in the kitchen because of the simple fact that she owns it. She’s featured in the official video for Bey’s “Blue” as a nearly-two-year-old and was part of the HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream as a fetus. Through Yonce’s sporadic Instagram and Tumblr dumps we’ve seen Blue grow up before our eyes, looking more and more like her dad every day.

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At just eight-months old, North has had less time to spend with the public. Her photos have appeared on national television via Kris and The Ellen Degeneres show, only after her parents turned down lucrative magazine offers to publish her first official photos. Her birth was captured on an October episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, although, like her dad, North’s future role on the show will be minimal. “I signed on to do this,” Kim said. “But it doesn’t mean that Kanye and my child have signed on too, so I’m fine with keeping them more private, but I’m still an open book.” After getting engaged last fall, Kim and Kanye are reportedly planning a Parisian wedding this May. North is said to have a “large role” in her family’s big day.

Winner: Blue Ivy Carter, but only because she’s had more time on Earth

Who do you think is the most fabulous of the two? Will these girls grow up to be best friends or sworn enemies? Do they make “Miss Blue Cater” jackets in my size? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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