Hottest Sex Scenes In Music Video History

Music videos have always straddled the line between selling the music or selling sex. The love scenes in some music videos are so steamy, so scintillating and so sexy that we’re not sure if we’re watching a music video–or a sex tape! But which are the hottest sex scenes in music video history? Let’s just say it’s a battle between making love on the beach, in a bathtub and in a plain old hotel room bed…

So how are we judging the hottest sex scenes in music video history? It has to be an actual love scene between at least two people (one of whom is the artist). We’ve got to see actual action! Oh, and even though some artists have pushed the envelope when it comes to explicit content, those sex scenes are meant to make the audience feel more discomfited than turned on. We’re looking for sexy, romantic love scenes here. Not just what’s most shocking.

Without further ado…the hottest love scenes in music video history:

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