Miss Box Of Junk Hooks Up With Drummers…To See How They Stay In Shape!

You know her as Miss Box Of Junk, the hot, heart-breaking Trunk-stumping metal Godess who hangs around those with those knuckleheads on That Metal Show and has a knack for customizing rock t-shirts. Her alter ego however is Jennifer Gottlieb, a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist who shares her workout tips and exercise routines with the masses of out of shape TMS fans in her weekly Miss Box Of Fitness: Move Of The Week videos.

This week, Miss Box Of Junk hooks up with some of the drummers that have visited That Metal Show this season. No, not like that you freakin’ pervert, we mean she interviewed former Kiss legend Peter Criss, Vinnie Paul from Pantera and Hellyeah, and Richard Christie of Death and Iced Earth fame. Drumming isn’t the only activity that these guys get worked up about. Whether it’s running, eating organically, or counting calories, these guys look good  (even next to the crop-topped goddess of rock and fitness) and have the kinds of stamina guitarists could only dream of! Check back next week on VH1Classic.com for more great fitness tips and hot and hilarious videos with everyone’s favorite health-minded, Box of Junk carrying metal maven!