Dirty Little Secret: Naughty Things You Never Noticed On Classic Album Covers

  • Beastie-Boys

  • Beastie-Boys-Hidden

  • Black-Sabbath

  • Black-Sabbath-Hidden

  • Blue-Oyster-Cult

  • Blue-Oyster-Cult-Hidden

  • Dio

  • Dio_reveal

  • Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer

  • Emerson-Lake-and-Palmer-Hid

  • Grateful-Dead

  • Grateful-Dead-Hidden

  • Harry-Nilsson-John-Lennon

  • Harry-Nilsson-John-Lennon-H

  • Metallica

  • Metallica-Hidden

  • Mom’s-Apple-Pie

  • Mom’s-Apple-Pie-Hidden

  • The-Who

  • The-Who-Hidden

  • Uriah-Heep

  • Uriah-Heep-Hidden

  • Velvet-Underground

  • Velvet-Underground-Hidden

  • Warrant

  • Warrant-Hidden

  • Whitesnake

  • Whitesnake-Hidden

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, so we here at VH1 have decided to put a different kind of “Easter egg” in your baskets this year. We’re talking about hidden messages that have been secretly added to pop culture works like books, movies, and (in this case) album covers! You would be amazed by the details you might have missed in classic record sleeves. And considering it’s a holy day and all, we’ve figured it would be appropriate to make sure that all these messages are slightly naughty or rude. Would you expect any less?

Much like our patented list of Satanic backmasked tracks, some of these messages are clearly intentional and done with a nudge in a wink, whereas others are completely coincidental. Which is which? You can judge for yourself! Head up to the gallery above and prepare to have your minds blown by dirty things you’ve never noticed in your favorite classic album covers from Black Sabbath, Dio, The Who, Metallica and more. And you thought rock was all sweet and cuddly, right? Happy Easter!


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