10 Ways Demi Lovato Really Doesn’t Care (And Why We Love Her For It)

Pop princess Demi Lovato has the voice of an angel and the cutest dimples we ever did see. Looks, however, can be deceiving. Don’t let the former Disney darling status fool you, because this 22-year-old has a lot to say, and she’s has no shame in letting it all out. We know that Demi has a reputation for not taking anyone’s crap, and lately she’s been proving more than ever that she really doesn’t care.

As you can see in the video above, Demi seems like a great time. That said, you probably don’t want to get on her bad side. She’s real enough to tell it how it is, even if it’s to your face. Does that even exist in Hollywood? She makes sure it does. Her multiple hair colors, tendency to call people out on Twitter, and openness about her past rehab and addiction issues are just some of the ways we can see Demi’s unapologetic nature. The diva turns 22 today, so to celebrate we’re looking at 10 ways that she keeps it real -whether you like it or not.

1. She recently came out about “growing apart” from former bestie Selena Gomez.

Ouch. On Watch What Happens Live, Demi didn’t even deny unfollowing Selena on Twitter. She clearly doesn’t feel the need to sugar coat the former relationship and ties to the fellow Disney star. But then again, with Disney days behind them, why should she?

2. She also said she would kill Justin Bieber. Need we say more? No, but we will anyway.

He gets on her nerves like the rest of us. Like you wouldn’t choose the same option in a game of “Kill, Do, Marry”? Or just in general, without the game?

3. She shaved part of her head, because she’s just badass like that.

Demi doesn’t need those extra locks to prove she doesn’t care.

4. She wore a dominatrix outfit at an awards show for teens.

At the Teen Choice Awards 2014, Demi sported this dominatrix inspired look. Do they sell black collars at Limited Too?

5. She tweets whatever the f–k she wants.

We still aren’t sure if this Tweet was directed at Selena Gomez (seriously, we wouldn’t put up with her make ups and break ups with Justin Bieber, either), but regardless, Demi had no shame putting this out there. Whatever it was, she was clearly #OverIt.

6. She goes makeup free from time to time, because who needs it?

Demi’s too busy being her “honest” self to worry about primping and priming for the cameras. She’s human just like us. F-U paparazzi!

7. She’ll cry because she feels like it, got it?

“I wear my heart on my sleeve,” the singer says. She’s emotional and she won’t hold it back for anyone. That’s deep.

8. She’s an open book. Literally.

In her 365-day book Staying Strong, Demi gives inspirational quotes from life experiences and lessons learned, particularly from her addiction issues. She’s even working on a second book that will provide her stories in more detail. She may have a young audience, but she’s not shying away from the dark experiences she’s lived through.

9. She’ll call out your bulls–t.

“Sometimes I’ll just call people out… I’m very upfront… If I smell bulls–t I’ll just flat out ask them and make them really uncomfortable,” the star said in a recent interview. Damn straight.

10. She just really doesn’t care, ok?

If the lyrics to her new song and standing tall in a bra don’t prove it, we don’t know what will.


[Photo Credit: Getty/Splash News/@ddlovato]

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