The Most Unexpected Reunion Tours Of 2014

-By Seher Sikandar

Whether breakups to makeups or outliving your prime and needing a little extra cash – the circumstances surrounding reunion tours are as varied as they are unexpected.  This year resurrected many beloved groups and showed promise for even more in the new year.  Destiny’s Child reunion tour in 2015, anyone?  Yes, please!  From Outkast to the Backstreet Boys, here are our top 10 most unexpected reunion tours of 2014.

1. Outkast

Almost 20 years after their Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik debut, Outkast kicked off a national tour to much fanfare this year at Coachella.  Though our boy Andre 3000’s heart wasn’t really in it, know he did it for the fans, y’all!


2. Fleetwood Mac

After quitting in 1998, longtime keyboardist and singer Christine McVie made a surprise return to Fleetwood Mac for this year’s tour, which has now extended into 2015.  Her presence has made it possible to play favorites like “Little Lies,” which the band hasn’t been able to perform in two decades.


3. Backstreet Boys

These seriously dedicated OGs of bubble gum pop carried on their whopping two-year long 20th anniversary tour.  With hits like “Everybody” and “I Want It That Way” also came droves of grown ass women fighting for their right to sob and scream like teenage girls.  Do you, boos.


 4. New Edition

The original six came together for a landmark reunion tour this year.  Due to health reasons, however, the hard-to-pin-down Bobby Brown dropped out of the tour and then apparently rejoined the group for the remaining dates. So long as our dude joined in for “I’m Still In Love” here and there, we’ll take it.


5.  Total

One of our favorite R&B girl groups of the ’90s got it together this year for some very important singing.  “Kissing You,” “Can’t You See,” “No One Else” – all went so hard.  If only Biggie were around to make that crucial cameo on the remix.

 6. 112

“Cupid” was the stuff of mushy 8th grade crushes for many of us.  The brilliant makers of such saccharine sweet glory united their forces for a string of dates that will continue into 2015.  We wouldn’t judge your fix.


7. Danity Kane

Welp. Puffy’s reality show girl-band also randomly reconnected this year with a single release in May and a successful reunion this summer.  Then one girl punched another in the studio and Danity Kane is no more once again.  The new album is out, though, folks!  Shimmy shimmy cocoa puff.


 8. Wu-Tang Clan

In August of this year, a rare feat was achieved: the entire living membership of the Clan joined for a show in preparation for their then upcoming reunion album, A Better Tomorrow.  Hats off to getting all 37 of them in one room at the same time and getting them to do stuff in unison.


9. Boyz II Men

With a new album called Collide released this October and a reunion tour still in high gear, Motownphilly is definitely back again. How about some Mariah cameos, though?!


10. The Beatles

With only two living members remaining, a reunion celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ historical television debut seemed unlikely.  To fans’ delight, however, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr did decide to give a commemorative performance for both the Grammys and a TV special in their honor. Needless to say, it was magical.

[Photo: Getty Images]