15 Reasons Why Christina Aguilera Is A Bad B*tch

Christina Aguilera has been a leader in the pop world since she entered the scene way back at the turn of the century. She’s got a jaw-dropping voice, seven albums, and four Grammy awards to her name, but it doesn’t stop there. Aguilera is a major pop player and to celebrate her 34th birthday we’ve got 15 reasons why. Read on to find out all the ways Xtina is truly a badass b*tch.

Christina’s hit “Beautiful” came out 12 — that’s right, 12 — years ago, but it continues to play on the radio, in movies — such as Mean Girls, and in our hearts. Watch her perform the 2002 hit on VH1 Storytellers in the clip below.

1. She’s a part of the Mickey Mouse Club power team.

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