Fall Out Boy’s Biggest Moments Of 2014

In anticipation of Fall Out Boy’s sixth studio album American Beauty/American Psycho, we’ve complied a list of every big moment the band had this year. The list is long so check back on the moments you forgot about and the moments you still haven’t gotten over. American Beauty/American Psycho comes out January 20th but pre-order it iTunes today!


Fall Out Boy performed at VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz for Super Bowl XLVII and Pete Wentz almost got knocked out by Tony Romo. Watch Wentz talk about the little game of catch that he was not ready for.


Fall Out Boy announces their joint tour with Paramore. To kick off the festivities, Pete Wentz and Hayley Williams of Paramore play a game called “Who is Most Likely”. Watch these two answer questions about their fellow bandmates and why Wentz would quit music to live on a farm that grows… video games?


The band was in full swing tour mode, selling out shows all over the world, before announcing more details about their upcoming tour with Paramore. After each show, the boys would take a quick photo with the crowd to commemorate the night.


The boys launched their own version of Angry Birds with Fall Out Birds and cats even got into it.

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