The Most Hilariously Heartfelt Lyrics From “Awesome,” Kanye West’s Leaked Tribute To Kim Kardashian

“Awesome,” Kanye West’s tribute song to Kim Kardashian, has mysteriously appeared on the internet—and yes, it’s awesome. Although G.O.O.D. Music artist Malik Yusef tweeted that the leak is due to Kanye’s laptop getting stolen, reps from Def Jam are saying that this is not the case. But in the end, it’s not important where the song came from. What truly matters is that it features some of the most hilariously heartfelt lyrics in music history. Then again, we expected no less from the man who brought us “Perfect Bitch.”

While the studio rendition is new to our ears, the song dates back to the Yeezus sessions in 2013 and Kanye has performed the song live at several events. Although it didn’t make the final cut for the album, the completed track is rumored to appear on his upcoming disc, So Help Me God. Listen to the song here, but keep a special ear out for the following priceless lines…

1. Stop everything you’re doing now/Cause baby, you’re awesome

2. You look too good to be at work/You feel too good to ever hurt

3. You don’t need to listen to your manager/You’re way too hot for them to handle you

4. You’re so awesome/You’re so out the park/You’re so after dark

5. Can I come inside?/Cause baby you’re awesome/Also, I’m also awesome

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