“I Used To Hide Behind My Hair”: Nikki Sixx Reflects On His Early Motley Crue Fashion In ‘Rock Icons’ Sneak

In the next installment of Rock Icons, Nikki Sixx reflects on Motley Crue’s early days—including his fashion choices. In this exclusive sneak peak of Saturday’s episode, Sixx admits to Sam Dunn that his trademark wild hair actually served as a defense mechanism.

“I used to hide behind my hair a lot because I was kinda shy,” he admits when Dunn presents him with an early group photo. “It was a defense mechanism because I didn’t really trust people.” With the Crue’s final tour on the horizon, it’s moving to watch the legend look back to when they were just starting out. Watch him tell the story of the band’s formation in the clip below. And be sure to catch the full episode of Rock Icons this Saturday (March 28th) at 10/9C on VH1 Classic!

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