Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Album Covers Reimagined With Kittens Is The Internet’s High Point

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The internet is a wonderful thing. It gives us access to our favorite music, the latest heavy metal news, and (of course) cat memes. Now a certain genius has found a way to combine all three—and it just might be the high-point of the interwebz. The amazing Kitten Covers tumblr features classic album covers reimagined with adorable kittens in place of the band. The badass-ness and cuteness play off each other like sweet and salty in a Reeses Cup, creating a phenomenon we can’t get enough of. From Metallica to Iron Maiden, and even deeper cuts like Minor Threat, these heroes did it up real big.

Run—don’t walk—to this incredible tumblr.

[Photo: The Kitten Covers]

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