The Details of Jared Fogle’s Guilty Plea Have Completely Ruined Sandwiches For Us

This is terrible.

Jared Fogle will plead guilty to two very heinous crimes: distributing child pornography and going across state lines to have sex with underage girls, according to

The website reports Jared will cough up $1.4 million to his 14 victims, which is just pocket change in our opinion. Think about that for a second: a little over $1 million spread equally to 14 people? That’s nothing! These girls deserve way more for what they’ve been through.

TMZ confirmed Jared’s wife Katie is divorcing him in lieu of these developments. They have two children together. Til’ death do us part—or the Feds arrest you for having sex with minors and child pornography, we guess.

Jared’s laundry list of offenses will forever ruin sandwiches for you. They include:

  • Paying a 17-year-old girl for sex in November 2012.
  • Asking that same girl to find him other underage girls to sleep with— “a 16 year old,” but, “the younger the girl, the better,” the charges read.
  • Accepting inappropriate photos from this girl.
  • Having sex with her again in January 2013. He paid her.
  • Possessing pornographic photos of children as young as 6 years old. Even worse, he met some these kids in Indiana.
  • Our thoughts are with the affected families during this horrible time.