Rob Kardashian Taunts Fan About Having Sex With His Mom, But I Still Feel Bad for Him

I can't quit you, Rob.

Rob Kardashian is clearly not OK and hasn’t been for a long, long time. Even if he tells a random person on Instagram that he “f—ed [his] mama about 8 times,” I’m still going to support him. Yes, he’s making horrendous choices on social media, but can everybody just back TF up? It seems like he’s been so out of touch with reality for the last few years, I’m not even completely sure he’s still on this planet, never mind in his own head.

In case you’re not following, yesterday Rob went in on a fan who called Khloe out for wearing a Compton hat on Instagram.

It’s puzzling, childish, and sad, but it’s also Rob, which means we can’t take anything he says seriously because he probably doesn’t even fully know what he’s saying. I can tell you’re already judging me, but just so you know, this is why I still have a soft spot and am rooting for my long-lost Kardash.

  • At least he was defending his sister, kind of.
  • Yes, it’s strange he only posts family pics of Kanye and North, but it’s better than nothing, you selfie-obsessed Instathots.
  • He warned us he’s getting weird AF. So don’t act like it’s a big surprise.
  • He sort of came out of the woodwork for Caitlyn’s debut, and it was precious.
  • He knows he has an eating problem, but he’s gonna enjoy his pulled pork sandwich anyway.
  • He’s trying, ok?



    Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.