Smush, Marry, Kill: The Real World Edition

Stop being polite and get real—about your thirst, that is.

There are many reasons why The Real World still piques our interest after 20-plus years. The biggest? We love watching random hot people do crazy AF things like have trailblazing boozy threesomes (or even just getting so drunk that producers have to step in). Seriously, this show is chock-full of smoke-shows whose names you probably don’t remember. (Not that they’re necessary, because—look!—biceps.)

And each person on The Real World has a very specific level of sexiness. Some have the bam-wam-thank-you-ma’am hotness that makes for aggressively orgasmic one-night stands. A select few are marriage-material boos. And, welp, most aren’t worth your time.

This was our inspiration for today’s challenge, if you choose to accept. We picked the three hottest people from 10 separate seasons of The Real World. It’s your job to decide who you’d smush—that means sex in Jersey Shore speak—marry or kill. Listen, it’s a cutthroat world out there. Only the strongest baes survive.

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The Real World: D.C.—Erika Lauren Wasilewski, Emily Norine Schromm and Callie Marie Walker

The Real World: Brooklyn—Baya Voce, Devyn Simone and Sarah Rice

The Real World: Cancún—CJ Koegel, Joey Rozmus and Derek Chavez

The Real World: Denver—Davis Mallory, Tyrie Ballard and Alex Smith

The Real World: Paris—Chris “C.T.” Tamburello, Adam King and Simon Sherry-Wood

The Real World: Las Vegas—Arissa Hill, Trishelle Cannatella and Irulan Wilson

The Real World: Key West—Paula Meronek, Janelle Casanave and Svetlana Shusterman

The Real World: New Orleans—McKenzie Coburn, Sahar Dika and Jemmye Carroll

The Real World: San Diego—Frank Sweeney, Nate Stodghi and Randy Barry

The Real World: Portland—Johnny Reilly, Jordan Wiseley and Marlon Williams