Tiffani Thiessen Does NOT Look Happy To See Mr. Belding (VIDEO)

Remember when Jimmy Fallon (unsuccessfully) tried to get the cast of Saved By The Bell to reunite on his (then-fledgling) late night talk show? Yeah, well, yesterday’s surprise mini-reunion between Tiffani “Kelly Kapowski” Thiessen and Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins on NBC’s Today Show is a good indication why the SBTB thing never went down.

Thiessen appeared on NBC’s morning show to promote the latest season of USA’s White Collar, and was sport enough to participate in a TV trivia face-off with Today co-hosts Willie Geist and Natalie Morales. However, just as the trivia game was about to begin, a severely overweight Haskins came lumbering onto the set, chins-a-shaking, scaring poor Kelly Kapowski half to death. A look of pure horror and unabashed disgust washed over Thiessen’s face when she realized she had been set up, which led her to shoot poison-tipped eye darts at an off-camera producer while somehow maintaining a smile on her face (a total pro, if ever we’ve laid eyes on one).

From the looks of things, Haskins recognized his persona non grata status the second he made eye contact with his former castmember. Instead of going in for the hug (or even the requisite kiss on the cheek), Haskins wisely settled for a handshake. (It just goes to prove that it takes more than guest starring on Mad Men to impress T.A.T!)

We haven’t seen Kelly Kapowski this upset since she was forced to make small talk with Tori Scott!

[Screencap: NBC]