Happy Friday! Here’s A GIF Wall To Remind You What Happened This Week

We’re all forgetful, thank god for GIFs. GIFs to remind you what went on this week. GIFs to hug you when you’re feeling down. GIFs that will never leave you. See the GIFs. Now.

Confused? Here’s a key:

1. Mike Tyson appeared as a special guest on Law & Order: SVU…playing a rapist! Smart move, Mike.
2. Gearing up to host (and musical guest) Saturday Night Live this weekend, Justin Bieber goes on Jimmy Fallon to comically smooch a mannequin…Yikes. [GIF via] 3. On this week’s Enlightened (aka the best show you might not be watching), the incredible Amy Jellicoe JOINED TWITTER. [GIFs via] 4. A GIANT storm approaching the Northeast is apparently going to wipe us all out. See ya! [GIF via] 5. And apparently, we’re still not over Beyonc√© from this past weekend’s Super Bowl…Or Michelle. Poor Michelle.
6. The GoDaddy nerd, aka the now-famous Jesse Heiman, kissed a SuperModel and might be having the Best Week Ever. Or Best Life Ever?

7. It’s Friday so set your DVRs and we’ll see who is having the Best Week Ever.