Rapper DMX Arrested And Taken To Jail In South Carolina

It looks like somebody lost their cool up in here, up  in here. Rapper and former VH1 Couples Therapy star DMX wound up in a South Carolina jail early this morning, and he was NOT happy about it! But it’s his own fault for acting a fool up in here, up in here.

DMX was out cruising with his 5-month-old daughter in his 1978 Buick and 2 AM (mistake number 1), when cops pulled him over and busted for driving without a licence. D’oh! He was hauled in to the Spartanburg Detention Center, where he apparently just sat around for a while. He spoke to a FOX News camera crew as he headed home and made his displeasure (and boredom) known. “No, I didn’t have a license … put the cuffs on me. Brought me here. I paid the money. Basically, just 5 hours wasted for nothing.”

This is by definitely not the first time Mr. DMX has had a run-in with the law. The father of ten has been arrested on charges as varied as animal cruelty, drug possession, reckless driving and identity falsification. And no, this is not his first time getting busted for driving without ID. Maybe next time…

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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