Are BFFs Rihanna And Katy Perry Beefing Over Chris Brown? These 12 Adorable Photos Of The Besties Should Set Things Right!

Many of Rihanna’s fans feel conflicted over her rekindled relationship with Chris Brown. While wanting to give her space and respect her decisions in her personal life, a great many of her supporters have voiced their obvious concern about returning to the man who harmed her four years ago. And reportedly one of those concerned is her good friend and fellow mega-celeb Katy Perry, and now rumors are circulating that the former besties have fallen out!

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The lovely pair are usually seen sitting right next to each other at big events, but rumors are swirling that Katy asked for a seat change at Sunday night’s Grammys, so she wouldn’t have to share a spot with Breezy. Apparently their quick kiss at the VMAs in September really bummed Katy out, and she didn’t have the stomach to view the reunited love-birds do their thing at close range.

“Katy was always the one person who could really stand up to Rihanna,” a source told Perez Hilton.”When it comes to Chris, Rihanna isn’t willing to listen. Katy is still incredibly angry about what Chris did, and she doesn’t believe he can change.” Having gone through her own recent breakup with Russell Brand, Katy really though she could offer some really helpful advice.

“She has stuck her neck out for Rihanna, and so it really hurt when Rihanna ignored her advice,” the insider continued. “Katy told Rihanna that she couldn’t stick around and watch someone she loves make such a big mistake, and that she had to walk away. They haven’t spoken for months. Chris is like Rihanna’s addiction and no one can talk any sense into her.”

Could this be the end of a beautiful friendship? NO! It can’t be! We won’t let it! After looking at this gallery of their 12 cutest pics together, they’ll be back making each other friendship collages and hemp bracelets in no time!

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