VH1 Lives Through Fashion Week – Here’s What We’ll Be Buying In 2013

Alas! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over, but its looks will guide our closets bravely into fall. True, there are some trends we will happily live without. (Seriously designers, what is with the fur? We are not living in the Game of Thrones nor do we have any desire to drape ourselves in dead animals.) But there are many others that we can’t wait to rock.

For starters, we were pleasantly surprised by the prominence of the easily wearable beanie! Let’s all say a big “thank you” to Harry Styles for heralding this new fashion trend. From BCBG Max Azria, to Rebecca Minkoff, to Tommy Hilfiger, the cute hats were everywhere we turned. We never would have guessed that an item generally used to do damage control on bad hair days would win the fashion elite seal of approval, but hey – that’s cool with us (and our unwashed hair).

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Another trend to be glad about is plaid, which popped up in shows throughout Fashion Week. Philip Lim used it in layers, Marc Jacobs weaved it through his 1940s inspired line, and Tommy Hilfiger paired a menswear inspired plaid suit with knee socks – resulting in something like Catholic School Girl meets Al Capone. And it works! Still, the plaid item we can’t wait to buy is a great black and white coat, as shown by Karen Walker and Rag & Bone. Seems like a surefire way to pull off that “effortlessly put together” look, even if it’s an outrageous lie.

Of course, the stylish celebs who attended Fashion Week had their own “To Buy” lists, which they gladly revealed to us. And while we appreciate Wendy Williams’ noble desire to purchase “a really nice camel color Burberry Trench coat,” we’re personally more on board with Kris Jenner’s shopping list: “just a great pair of Spanx.” Because having your guts sucked in for the sake of fashion is in style no matter what season it is.

[Written by Melissa Smith. Photos: GettyImages]