Please Come To The Table, Your Friday GIF Wall Is Now Ready

It’s Friday! Time for the weekend! And a wall full of GIFs. They go nicely together, don’t you think? If you’ve missed anything this week, let our wall of movement catch you up to speed.

Confused? Here’s a key:

1. A meteor hit Russia this morning and I hope you didn’t miss it. You wouldn’t want to miss…a thing. Ugh, sorry. [GIF via] 2. It was VALENTINE’S DAY! And we celebrated by stalking Val Kilmer’s Twitter to no avail 🙁 🙁 🙁 [GIF via] 3. Rihanna premiered the video for “Stay” but we think Vin Diesel did a better job. [GIF via] 4. The Pope retired! Later, dude.
5. Obama gave a SIIIIIICK SOTU which included a pretty viral fistbump… [GIF via] 6. …Not to mention an EVEN MORE VIRAL Poland Springs marketing opportunity. Good job, politics! [GIF via] 7. And finally, a pup named Banana Joe won the Westminster Dog Show. [GIF via]

8. It’s Friday so set your DVRs and we’ll see who is having the Best Week Ever.