Hey, Chris Brown, Tell Your Fans Not To Attack Rihanna, Please

Not cool, Breezy fans. That’s Miss Rihanna in the photographs looking super fine as she entered The Box nightclub in SoHo, London this weekend, pictured on the left, but left clutching her knee. Why? Because, apparently, a Chris Brown fan throw a bottle at her. Reports are suggesting it didn’t connect with her, but she scraped her knee in the resulting kerfuffle. It was a bottle of Lucozade which is like Red Bull, but only British, if anyone is interested. The angry, and we’re guessing drunk card-carrying member of Team Breezy, also yelled at Ri-Ri about Brown, possibly maddened by their on-off-on-what’s up with the ring rigmarole they’ve been on. The good news is that Rih wasn’t hurt. The great news is that she’s looking hotter than ever. The best news is that she’s far cooler than an entire boatload of Brown fans. Easy now, people.

[Photo: Splash News Online]