Rihanna Turns 25 Today, So We’re Celebrating With 25 Pics Of Riri With No Clothes

Happy birthday to everybody’s favorite good girl gone bad! Today Rihanna turns the big 2-5, and we’re marking the never-shy popstar’s quarter-century anniversary in a way that would probably make her proud: By bringing you the hottest 25 photos of Riri without clothes!

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A little easy? Perhaps. A little blunt? Maybe. But we’ve already brought you 25 pictures of Rihanna without pants, so there was only one way to kick it up a notch. Considering that at least half of these pics are selfies from Ri’s own Instagram account, we have a funny feeling that she’d be totally cool with it.

Rihanna sure did a ton in her 24th year. Her latest long-player (do the kids still say that?) Unapologetic gave the “Diamonds” singer her first Billboard number 1 album. She was named Forbes’ highest earning woman in entertainment. She hit up SNL, kicked off the VMAs, chatted with Oprah and…yes, found love in a hopeless place. But we won’t talk about that. But what’s most impressive is the fact that she did so much with no clothes. Amazing!

We love Rihanna (perhaps a little too much), so we’d like to wish her the best b-day of all time, and plenty of  “Birthday Cake.” And now, strip down and head on up to the gallery above for more of Riri. A lot more….Enjoy!

[Photo: Facebook/Esquire/Instagram]

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