Taylor Swift Sued For $1.8 Million, And Not By An Army Of Exes

Did Taylor Swift get a little too cash grabby? The zillion-award winning singer has become famous for her perpetually stunned expression, but now she has new reason to be stunned:  She’s being sued to the tune of $1.8 million!

According to TMZ, Taylor was paid $2.5 mil upfront to headline Ottawa’s Capital Hoedown musical festival last August, but then the gig got cancelled. However, Tay cashed her check anyway, which has promoter royally pissed off. They’re now suing Taylor and her crew to cover the $1.8 million they had to shell out in ticket refunds. For those of you good with numbers, that’s still leaves the 23-year-old with $700,000 left. Not bad for doing pretty much nothing!

Meanwhile Team Swift is arguing that the cancellation was the fault of the promoter, who failed the wrangle the show together in time for the big day, and that they made no such deal with the promoters to cover their losses. So for the time being, it seems that she has good odds to keep her cash.

But this isn’t the only drama going on in Taylor’s life. There is, of course, guy trouble. There is concern that an appearance at the Brit Awards will bring here face to face with her ex, Harry Styles. Apparently rehearsal times, seats, entrances and exits have all been planned to the minute to ensure these two don’t cross paths.

“No one wants anything awkward to happen,” an insider told PerezHilton. “Taylor and Harry are definitely being kept well apart. The 1D dressing room is well hidden too so if Taylor did want to find Harry and smooth things over, she’d have to do some serious looking before she’d find him.”

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