Lindsay Lohan’s In Trouble With The Tax Department … Again

Add this to the 99 problems that Lindsay Lohan has piled up over the last few years. Her current fracas is with the IRS department … again. The actress owed them a $93,701 lien for unpaid taxes back in 2009. She, clearly, has not learnt her lesson because now TMZ says that she now apparently owes the State of California  $56,717.90 for unpaid taxes in 2011. Interestingly enough, this is not a case of three times lucky for Lindz because she also messed up her taxes in 2010, owing the IRS a massive $140,203.30.  It’s not that hard, Lindsay. Taxes just don’t go away because you’ve partied too hard and can’t be bothered, clearly. Question is, where’s she going to get the money from?

[Photo: Getty Images]