Rihanna Debuts Her “Double Pants” Look At River Island Launch Party

We’re thinking that Rihanna got fed up with our constant jokes about  her never wearing pants. That’s the only way we can explain this bizarre double-bagged jeans look she wore to her River Island launch after-party in London last night.

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It doesn’t look horrible by any stretch of the imagination. But that’s mostly because it’s Rihanna and she can wear anything…including two pairs of pants over one another. But it’s probably not her finest fashion hour either, so we’d like to take this moment to apologize for our “no pants” related jibes over the years. Seriously Riri, we officially retire them now.

But the shindig at the DSTRK club in Oxford Circus seemed to go down pretty well, multi-pants aside. She made sure to party hardy in celebration of her new clothing line collection, which was just as provocative and daring as her own personal style. We’d expect nothing less from this good girl gone bad!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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