Nick Cannon Raises Some Eyebrows With His Pro-Child Spanking Twitter Rant

Nick Cannon has been seen as nothing but a loving father to “dem babies” Monroe and Moroccan, but recent comments on Twitter have some fans (and parents) growing concerned. The star admitted to being much more strict than his wife Mariah Carey, and claimed to be cool with taking some extreme measures to disciplining his kids.

“I was spanked therefore I shall spank,” he wrote. “My momma did a good job! LOL.” He followed up with another tweet, which took something of a funnier tone, leading us to wonder if he’s maybe just joking. “Spare the rod, spoil the child! That’s what’s wrong with the kids today, The time out generation has no real discipline,’ he wrote, capping off his statement with the hashtag ’#oldmanvoice.”

This isn’t the first time Nick has made himself out to be a hard taskmaster with his 22-month old children. A few weeks back Us Weekly asked Nick how he was prepping for the twins to hit the so-called terrible twos. “I got my belt out already! It’s ready.” He’s also apparently not a fan of dating, either. “My son can date at, like, three if he wants, but my daughter – never.”

Hmmm, perhaps Nick needs to chill, although we’re going to choose to believe that the dude is just kidding. The guy was on Nickelodeon after all, so we feel like he’s gotta know how to hang with kids! Besides, he’s definitely known for taking jokes too far. Remember that time he pretended to lose a dog by tying it to balloons?

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