Mama Drama: 20 Celebs With Cray-Cray Mothers

We’re loving the idea of A&E’s new Bates Motel, a prelude to Psycho detailing a teen Norman Bates’ creepy relationship with his wildly cloying mother. In a loving tribute to familial dysfunction, check out our top twenty celebs with major mommy issues — from Drew Barrymore to Jim Jones!

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Take my mom, please! You think yours is a piece of work? Try reasoning with a doberman-ager mom like Kris Jenner. Or a mommy who wants to hit the club scene with you — when you’re in fifth grade (we’re looking at you, Jaid Barrymore). Or how about being Jack Nicholson, who was in his thirties when discovered that his sister was really his mom?

It gets worse, much worse. Wait till we get to Courtney Love’s parental unit (okay just one detail:  the grunge queen’s mama made her live in a shed behind her family’s house when she was twelve).

Hit our gallery to take in the worst celebrity mothers in all of history!

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