This Week On SMASH: Vagina In The FACE!

Hello again Smash junkies! Did anyone ever change Jimmy’s diaper last week? Is Eileen a linebacker? Where do we go when we die? Sometimes we just don’t know all the answers. BUT I can answer some burning questions from this week’s SMASH. Feast your eyes on these ten essentials that the homeless gypsy down the street told you would happen a week ago and you didn’t believe her…

And… 5, 6, 7, 8 – GO!

10. Jimmy and Karen wake up from a night of hooking up (which I’m assuming is the two of them feeling around in the dark under a blanket and giggling). Then Jimmy comes out to the kitchen wearing a hippie blanket.

9. The stage manager gives a lot of side glances.

8. Jimmy owes this hot guy some drug money!

7. Ivy’s mother (Bernadette Peters!!) gets cast in BOMBSHELL; but they have deep-rooted anger toward each other and have a cat fight in rehearsal.

6. Jimmy is so desperate to pay back his hot drug dealer’s debt; he tries to steal jewels and valuables out of an idle coat check.

5. Vagina in the FACE!

4. These people emerge from a piano for a big MUSICAL NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Did Pink join the cast of Hitlist, flying on scarves from the ceiling? Nope; just this girl.

2. Pretty boy Jimmy might get back into a bad COKE habit!!!

1. Sad, but true: SMASH moves to Saturdays at 9pm starting this Saturday!!!!

See you next time SMASHIES!!!!!!