Kristen Stewart Turns 23: Celebrate With Her 23 Leggiest Looks!

Kristen Stewart has a well known sneaker obsession, but we think it’s all just a ploy to draw attention to her extremely high hemlines. On top of her acting skills, zillions of Twilight bucks, and (let’s not forget) Robert Pattinson, K-Stew is in possession of one of the greatest pairs of runway-worthy legs in the business. And to paraphrase the immortal words of ZZ Top, this girl knows how to use ’em!

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Kristen has rarely missed a shot to show off her stems over the years, whether it’s in short shorts out and about, or in a gown lighting up a red carpet to-do. And she’s had a heck of a lot of those lately. In addition to the finale of the Twilight franchise (*tear*), she had arty On The Road and butt-kicking Snow White And The Huntsman in 2012. That was enough to vault her to the top of Forbes’ Highest Paid Actress list, y’all!

Sure, she and R-Paz hit something of a rough patch there for a while (too soon?), but she climbed out on top, looking fabulous all the while. And what’s even more amazing is that she’s done it all before she turned 23 years old! Today our beloved K-Stew turns the big 2-3, so we’ve decided to celebrate by counting down her 23 leggiest looks of all time. Enjoy!

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