Katherine Webb Quits Splash (Which Means We’re Gonna Quit Watching The Show, We Guess)

Katherine Webb, sadly, has turned in her one-piece and quit the celebrity diving show, Splash. This is disastrous news for everyone who enjoyed the element of charm school classiness and beauty queen sex appeal she brought to ABC’s low-rated Tuesday night reality competition.

  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma v Alabama

    [Photo: Getty Images]

  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma v Alabama

    [Photos: Getty Images]

  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma v Alabama

    [Photo: Getty Images]


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  • Allstate Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma v Alabama

    NEW ORLEANS, LA – JANUARY 02: Katherine Webb attends the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Oklahoma Sooners during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 2, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Webb had been doing quite well on the program up to this point, even earning a coveted 10.0 score from the judges for not drowning completing a dive with former child star Drake Bell (which you can watch, in all its glory, below). However, as she explained on-air last night, “I’ve had the worst time training this week because even the most simplest dives shot pain all the way from the middle of my back down my leg. I went to the doctor and unfortunately he told me I’m out for the competition.”

Does anyone have her doctor’s phone number? We want to register a complaint.

A teary Webb was consoled by Louie Anderson, who you might remember from that old Blind Melon video. Yes, we too were surprised to learn that the Bee Girl and Louie Anderson are indeed the same person, but facts are facts!* Webb’s withdrawal from the competition means that Anderson gets to stay on the show, which we’re sure thrilled ABC’s executives and marketing team to no end.

We sincerely hope that Katherine Webb is able to put this tragedy behind her, and that she doesn’t let this experience ruin tarnish her God given ability to put on a bikini and look amazingly hot while doing so.

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