Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry, Bless Your (Platonic) Pranking Hearts

Whatever you think of the possible end of Rob and Kristen — moving out pickup truck pic and all — People’s story about Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson apparently crashing a wedding rehearsal in Santa Barbara should really be warming your heart, not making you shake your fists at the screen.

Because, really, rather than worry about whether the entire gossip world now thinks that Rob and Katy are a thing (and what awful couple name they’re going to make for those two), you should be imagining the crazy conversation those two had leading up to this hilarious party moment. Was it Katy’s or Rob’s idea? Did they hope to pass unnoticed? Were they trying to see how the other half (as in nonfamous) lives? Did they steal any party favors? Did they hope this would be an excuse for all their favorite media outlets to republish the above ridiculous photo from the 2010 Teen Choice Awards? And how much do you wish they’d crash your party next?

And if you’re still shaking your fists of rage, go back and read our rants about people not wanting Rob to have any female friends.

[Photo: Getty Images]