Chris Brown Accused Of Assaulting Woman At Nightclub

Looks like Chris Brown may have gotten himself into some more trouble. Delaina Dixon tells us that the singer allegedly got physical with a woman while partying at a club. Following a performance in Orange County, Brown went clubbing with some friends. It was when he was leaving that he was accused of pushing a woman out of his way. The woman ended up in the hospital to treat injuries to her leg.

Brown’s camp denied any involvement in the situation but the police confirmed that the woman did file a report. However, it’s an active investigation and no one has been charged.

Meanwhile, another contestant has left The Bachelorette.

This time it was Bryden Vukasin. The contestant spoke with Chloe Melas about the show and explained that he quit because he didn’t have any feelings for the Desiree Hartsock. Sadly, he didn’t find love in a hopeless place. But he does have his dog at home!

While things didn’t work out for Vukasin, it may for Katy Perry.

The singer was spotted canoodling with her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. The two were at a celebrity event where Mayer performed. He reportedly only had eyes for Perry, who was sitting at a table with Joan Rivers and John Stamos. Love was in the air for these two. Only time will tell if it will last.

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