Kanye West Wins Baby Name Battle

It’s Kanye West versus the Kardashians on The Gossip Table. According to Rob Shuter, the rapper is battling it out with the reality clan over Kim and baby North. And the name is just round one.

“Doesn’t that say to you that Kanye has won round one, because there’s no ’K’ in the name and Kanye’s name is in it?” Kathy Lee Gifford asked Shuter on Today.

Gifford may be on to something. West was reportedly spatting with Kris Jenner during the W magazine interview. Then there’s all the reality TV. The rapper doesn’t want his child to be on any show. Obviously that’s not how the Kim Klan operates.

Who partied too hard over the weekend? Marianne Garvey has the dish.

Looks like Jason Statham had a wild night out over the weekend. The Transporter actor was spotted at Dorrian’s in New York City hanging out with (and hitting on) some female patrons. After drinking one too many, the bartender reportedly cut Statham off. Fortunately for him, three girls took pity on the drunk actor and dragged him into a cab. Garvey tells us that they took him to the Waldorf where he was staying and rolled him into the elevator before leaving him to sleep off the booze.

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