Farrah Abraham And Charlie Sheen Face Off

Paula Deen was fired from The Food Network earlier this week after court documents of a lawsuit revealed that she has used racially charged language. And now she is hiring a crisis PR team to help clean up the mess. Marianne Garvey reveals that the cook has been prepping hard for her Today show interview with Matt Lauer. The interview could be the make or break for her career at the height of this crisis.

While Paula Deen faces off with Matt Lauer, a Teen Mom is taking on Charlie Sheen.

A few weeks ago, Teen Mom and backdoor adult film star, Farrah Abraham, called into The Gossip Table. During the call she suggested that she had been texting with Charlie Sheen. When Charlie found out she was talking about it, he called her a “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua” and said she has “tranny-boobs”!

Well, Farrah has responded to his comments. Chloe Melas reports that Abraham doesn’t “even really care” about Sheen and this whole spat.

“He’s meaner than Amanda Bynes,” Abraham told HollywoodLife.com. She also add:  “I would never go an intimate date with Charlie Sheen. He’s not my type at all.”

Those sound like some fighting words!

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