Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Line Up Bridesmaids

Love is in the air at The Gossip Table. Marianne Garvey reports that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are seriously considering getting married. That ’70s Show co-star Laura Prepon says that she’s been asked to be a bridesmaid when they finally do walk down the aisle.

So how’d Paula Deen do yesterday during her Today show interview? Not well.

Yesterday, Paula Deen did an emotional and tearful interview with Matt Lauer, but wasn’t as apologetic as she could have been. Rob Shuter reports that as soon as the segment was over she fired by many of her companies, including Walmart. She’s so upset with everyone and has decided to go it alone.

But to be fair, The Gossip Table has even tougher questions for Deen:

  • Marianne Garvey: Have you ever slept black man?
  • Delaina Dixon: What would be my starting salary?
  • Rob Shuter: What do you think about the name North West?
  • Chloe Melas: What’s your fried chicken recipe?
  • Noah Levy: Who would you rather; Reggie Bush or Kanye West?

Ouch, these are tougher than the Tough Mudder.

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