Justin Bieber Moves On From Selena Gomez

It appears that Justin Bieber is seeing a new lady. But how does his former flame Selena Gomez (or The Gossip Table) feel about the new relationship? Chloe Melas reports that Gomez has been hanging with her besties, including Taylor Swift. Gomez is fine with the breakup and Bieber moving on.

In other relationship news, Eva Longoria’s ex is getting married!

In other relationship news, Tony Parker announced through Twitter that he is engaged again, just 2 years after divorcing Eva Longoria, whom he allegedly cheated on while they were married. Delaina Dixon reports that Longoria was not blindsided by Parker’s new engagement. In fact, Parker told Longoria about the engagement prior to the announcement. Classy move, sir.

It’s another day and that means another Amanda Bynes update!

Amanda Bynes claimed that she was going to have another nose job procedure this Saturday, but did she really? Noah Levy reports that something smells fishy. Insiders say that were no signs of swelling, scarring or post-surgery recovery. May this all be a ploy to get the media’s attention? Only Amanda nose.

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