Comic-Con’s Crazy Hot! 25 Sexy Fans Who Make Us Want To Geek Out

All weekend, we’ve been seeing some of the most beautiful stars of the big and small screens walk among the little people at the San Diego Convention Center. But now it’s time to take our Comic-Con coverage back to its roots: the fans. Let’s be serious: the attendees at this convention come in all shapes and sizes — that’s what makes it wonderful. But here we’re just gonna give a little nod to the ones that bared their chests and midriffs in the icily air-conditioned halls for the greater good.

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There were plenty of Wonder Women, Daenerys Targaryens and Wolverines, as usual. But there were many more that we won’t even dare try to name, so how about you flip through the gallery above and tell us who these men and women are paying homage to.

And here are all the famous people we geeked out over:
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[Photos: Lauren Thompson]