Will Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith Return To The Small Screen?

By Lauren Thompson

Doctor Who’s titular Doctor and fan favorite Matt Smith took San Diego Comic Con by storm this past weekend to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Special of the show. The exciting 3D special will be Matt’s penultimate episode before he departs the series and is replaced by a new actor. After four years playing the time traveling alien, Matt has decided it’s time to move on from the show. We spoke with Matt about his future in television and if he would ever consider taking on another long running series as a regular.

“Well, to be honest with you, I sort of take it on a job-by-job basis. I’ll hopefully do whichever script is the most intriguing and the best. Which — I have to go and get it, I have to get the job,” Matt said, leading us to believe that he isn’t done with the small screen just yet.

Although Matt says he’s willing to come back to a long running show, he’s interested in doing more films and theater, as well. “So, we’ll see. If it was the right television show with the right people involved I’d have no qualms about doing more television. No, no, but I’d quite like to do a play, and film interests me so, who knows!”

Matt recently shot a film for the big screen, How to Catch a Monster, helmed by Ryan Gosling in his directing debut.

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