True Blood WTF: 5 Terrifyingly Beautiful Eric Moments From “Life Matters”

After last week’s crazy awful stiletto murder, I was pretty worried that season 6 of True Blood would go out with a surreal whimper. But they managed to bring the show out of the blood-soaked mire with an episode that juxtaposed spectacular violence with real pathos, featuring a revival of the Eric-Bill Hero Team and a nice helping of Bon Temps folksiness at Terry’s funeral. This is what can happen when you narrow things down to just two stories! I’d rather not do a bunch of screenshots of severed body parts, so today’s WTF moments are all about Eric and the impressive array of emotions Alexander Skarsgard displayed in his scenes:

1. Vengeance Is His. I suppose the sloppy, Game of Thronesian nature of Eric’s mass murder could be chalked up to him being high on fairy and Warlow blood. But he’s clearly on this rampage in an effort to assuage his grief over Nora. Either way, it was terrifying to behold.

2. The Happy Hero. And yet, Eric can’t help but try to put on his nonchalant mask for the sake of the other vamps he’s saving. “Go forth and kill the humans,” he says, with a halfhearted attempt at smiling.

3. “Jason Stackhouse, looking good, my friend.” The ever-so-brief partnering of these two made my heart happy. Especially Jason’s “Oh no you didn’t” when the shrink said he slept with Pam. I hope this means we can look forward to an Eric-Jason sex dream in the finale.

4. It’s Not Enough. Then there was the Dark Knight/Man of Steel sad superhero moment, when Eric realizes that no matter how many vampires he saves or bad guys he kills, it won’t bring back his sister.

5. Goodbye? This devastating look he gives Pam has me very, very worried. Where is he going?

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[Photos: HBO]