Pec-ing Order: Can You Guess The Celebrity Chest?

It’s time to put your Hollywood knowledge to test yet again. This time we want to know how well you know your leading men. Can you identify them with only a close-up of their chest? Now’s your chance to prove just how much you’ve kept “your eyes up here.” Time to scope out all the pecs and see if the name checks.

This superhero knows to claw his way into your heart.

Answer: Hugh Jackman, who returns as Wolverine in X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

This brother recently bared all on the web.

Answer: Nick Jonas, who has been proving that he’s the hottest JoBro.

This Magic Mike star loves hanging out at the beach.

Answer: Matthew McConaughey, who is no stranger to the beach.

This former rapper turned actor has a chest that rivals the Rock.

Answer: Mark Wahlberg, who recently bulked up for Pain & Gain.

This tennis champ has shown he has the goods off the court.

Answer: Andy Murray, who took home the 2013 Wimbledon title.

This athlete is as popular for his skills as he is for his sex appeal.

Answer: David Beckham, whose underwear-clad ads burn up the small screen.

This man is a star on the small screen, though there’s nothing small about him.

Answer: Jon Hamm, who dominates Mad Men with acting chops and other assets.

This iconic chest wowed audiences on the big screen a few years ago.

Answer: Daniel Craig, who debuted his chiseled body in the reboot of the James Bond franchise.

This new dad is known for his scantily-clad past.

Answer: Channing Tatum, who recently gave birth to one of VH1’s 15 most powerful kids.

His chest was a delight to all when he debuted it on the beach last summer.

Answer: Zac Efron, who will next be seen in The Townies co-starring Seth Rogan and Dave Franco.

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