Check Out Our List Of The 40 Greatest Viral Videos

Few of us can resist viewing those hilarious clips that spread like wildfire online. And just when one video’s popularity tapers off, another captivates us and we can’t stop sending it to everyone we know.

So what are the best viral videos ever? Our team at The Greatest sifted through the bunch and found our favorite gems. Take a look at our list and let us know which one you love the most! Plus, keep your eyes open for interviews some of videos’ stars, such as Sweet Brown in the clip above.

And catch The 40 Greatest Viral Videos broadcast on VH1.

40. Doggy Dinner: Even dogs in business suits can’t resist peanut butter.

39. Twisted Sister: Flexible doesn’t begin to explain it.

38. Silver Street Fighter: This is why you don’t mess with street performers.

37. Cinnamon Challenged: When in doubt, always use a bigger spoon.
36. Amphibian Arcade: The fiercest game of Frogger you’ll ever see.

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