Bennett Vs. Mendez: Orange Is The New Black‘s Matt McGorry Tells Us Who Would Win In A Fight

Ask just about anyone with a Netflix subscription and they’ll agree: Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black can’t come soon enough. Will Piper and Pennsatucky both make it out alive? (And without sentences in the SHU?) Will Nicky be one of Red’s best girls once again? And what will happen to correctional officers John Bennett (Matt McGorry) and George Mendez (Pablo Schreiber), who both claim to be in love with the same woman? The unconventional love triangle between these C.O.s and inmate Daya Diaz (Dascha Polanco) got us thinking: Who would win in a fight for her affection? You know, if the rules at Litchfield were completely revamped and we endorsed casual violence.

VH1 caught up with McGorry, who plays nice guy Bennett, at Entertainment Weekly’s New York premiere of Don Jon. While he was tight-lipped about what will go down in on our favorite streaming show (boo, professionalism!) he was quick to offer up all of the tactics Bennett likely learned while serving in the army, and how his “center of gravity” might come in handy if he needs to take out a deranged, likely drunk, Pornstache. Check out the video above, and leave your thoughts on who you’d rather run away with in the comments below.

[Photo Credit: Netflix, @mattmcgorry]