Emmy Statements: Can You Guess The Celebrity Red Carpet Jewelry?

We have mixed feelings about Sunday night’s Emmys — we’re generally happy about the winners, there were a few funny moments, and yeah, we cried a little too. But from a fashion perspective, our overall reaction was, “Meh.” Except when it came to the bold earrings, necklaces and boulder-size rings on some of the attendees. We imagine the carpet was crowded with bodyguards trailing million-dollar baubles on loan to the stars (we love imagining the heist in which someone pries a ring off Giuliana Rancic’s hand on live TV!). How well did you pay attention to the rocks and sparkles on your favorite celebs on Sunday night? Now’s your chance to test your knowledge, and get a closer look at these new jewelry trends.

First, who wore this tourmaline ring?

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Zooey Deschanel wore this Chanel ring.

Who made us ooh and ahhhh (and cry) while wearing these tassles?

Jane Lynch. (And it was the Cory Monteith speech, not her necklace, that made us cry, btw.)

Who was armed for battle?

Padma Lakshmi wore a cuff and earrings by Robert Lee Morris.

Who had these weird shiny things wrapped around her neck all night?

That would be Aubrey Plaza, in a look we’re still trying to grasp.

Who stopped us in our tracks with these bold earrings?

Sofia Vergara, whose Lorraine Schwartz rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires were worth a reported $7 million.

Who had this adorable lizard on her back?

Anna Faris, whose Fred Leighton brooch and bracelet accented that bright yellow gown.

Whose Bollywood bracelets couldn’t distract from her over-the-top gown?

Nashville’s own Connie Britton, with jewelry by Cathy Waterman.

Whose ring could buy us a house?

That’s Giuliana Rancic, who said the Forever Mark rock was worth $1,030,000.

Whose turquoise necklace had the prettiest details?

Jane Krakowski, in earrings by Wendy Yue.

And finally, who was apparently prepared for a boring evening?

Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar, equipped with Google Glass!

[Photos: Getty Images]