Kim Kardashian Sets Her Sights On The Cover Of Vogue

Yesterday, The Gossip Table reported that North West was not making her runway debut in Paris. In fact, her parents have left her under the care of Kris Jenner. And Jenner has strict grand-parenting instructions: No photographs. So that means the tweet-happy family has to take it easy while around the youngest Kardashian member.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian continues to work on her post-pregnancy look. Not only is she blonde but she’s sporting a slimmer yet curvy body. While visiting Paris, she’s taking the time to showcase her new look and making sure that people take notice. Kim was spotted talking to Andre Leon Talley as she continues to find a way onto the cover of Vogue.

Speaking of parenting, Jon Gosselin calls in to offer some thoughts of his own…

The former reality star and father of eight, Jon Gosselin tells Chloe Melas that he does not talk to ex-wife Kate. The two only communicate through technology: texts, emails, and lawyers. But Gosselin reveals that he does have a new significant other in his life. While the two aren’t walking down the aisle anytime soon, he certainly will consider it. (Smells like potential for a reality show.)

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[Photo: Getty]