Dina Lohan Spills On Lindsay’s Reality Show

Lindsay Lohan has been keeping a low profile since exiting rehab. (Well, outside of The Canyons premiere and her Oprah interview.) But how are things going for her? Dina tells The Gossip Table that everything is going great!  Despite reports that the family wasn’t going to be on the show, Dina says that she’s recorded scenes with Lindsay. But outside of the rumors about Oprah being upset with Lindsay, there’s very little drama going on on the show.

Either way, everyone is wondering, will the show be a success?

It wouldn’t be TGT without a Kardashian update…

The Gossip Table first reported that Khloe Kardashian was keeping quiet on her relationship with Lamar Odom until it could be filmed for her show. Now, Noah Levy tells us that it’s all about the money. It turns out that the prenup stipulates that Khloe gets $500,000 per year of marriage and a $2 million bonus if her and Lamar are together for four years. So the divorce waits until the calendar settles.

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